Reviews for "FRANQ"


sheer genyess

... im aware its spelled wrong... adds to the sarcasm, but hey not bad

((( UM OK )))

Well it was ok, seems like it is unfinished somehow, also i didnt notice any play or replay buttons, thats something you may want to work on, as for the moving head it was cute, but not much more then that...

More animation, some play and replay buttons aswell...

Simple cute but needs work...


Endless loop of nothing #1.

Ok. So now that we all know you can import music and set up a simple motion guide, what's next? Hopefully something more interesting.


Did I not wait long enough, or is the movie simply a head rotating in circles with music in the background? If that is it, you wasted my time. Sure, it was mildly humorous, for the first five loops, but then it just angered me. I don't understand why all these people are giving it such a great score, if it's because of the music (which wasn't bad), there's really no reason to submit this as a flash.

That was a gay ass "punk" song

oh yeah, and the graphics were pretty queer, too