Reviews for "Peanut"

What a great parody.

A lot of you dumbasses that gave this movie a bad review don't understand that this is a PARODY. It is making fun of all these animations that have no point. Well at least I got the joke (which is clearly explained to us at the end of the movie). Good Job!

That was some smooth animation.

I thought it would be longer than 11k



I am here to say nice movie and there is one night

in shining armor. He is called radiotube clock. Now before you say OMFG HE'S A CLOCK HE SUCKS! Calm down, his series, on the bridge is actually good even though he is a clock. now so that this doesn't get deleted for having nothing to do with the video, it was actually not that bad. Now yeah it was just like everything else submitted in the portal that's crap. But it was crap for a reason. You actually tried to make it crap to prove a point and prove a point you have. This movie will probably never lose it's relevance. Not in a month not in twenty years (if newground is still around, and it probably will be). Wow imagine that a forty year old Tom and he started the sight when he was in high school.

Hot Damn

I'd let that pea in MY nut