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Reviews for "Peanut"

You know...

You can make your point in the BBS jesus christ quit wasting flash space =P

the sad part is......

he tried to make a shitty movie, and turned out better than alot of the shit that finds its way to the portal.

God, that was boring

I dont have the patients to get past the link.

oh man...

wow! what a fantastic movie you made! the best of all! yeah right...

I'm glad that I agree with you. This was completely pointless. It still made Portal History 2000! You have to give it credit for that! It didn't have any sound. Was the original sound removed?

I doubt there's even a copyrighted song about a peanut. At least it was a peanut. I'm surprised the rating isn't lower. I guess people appreciate this for its history. It's not relevant anymore of course.