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Reviews for "Peanut"


Calling him a hipocrit and the such is really REALLY stupid because the point of this movie was for it to suck. Dumb fucks. I think it was great and very truthful. PEOPLE, MAKE BETTER MOVIES!


i went to the website, wasnt there. what was there?

So true.

I love how the guy before me bashed this flash, he obviously didn't finish it or read the author's comments.

It only makes it sweeter.

-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

Sadly, many of today's submissions are of much lower quality...


This was done for the fact of that place at that time with the simple fact that the portal was overridden with flash crap in 2000 (not saying it is now a days) but this was one of the first original ideas of getting the word out in a flash in itself on how bad it is.