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Reviews for "Prince of War"

Old and classic, still works to this day.

Good work, classic work.

Super good game but pretty easy, especially in the early game since you can spam the heal button and be basically invincible.
One of the biggest problems though is that the attack button skips dialogue when you hold it, so right when you finish the battle you can easily wind up skipping the entirety of the cutscene.

Oh my god the feels, I remember playing this game ages ago when I was on vacations at my grandparents place.

I found this to be a decent game. I admit that the instructions were a bit ambiguous. I can definitley tell this was made similar to the Gondor game. I even saw the black dragon in the background at the beginning. As usual, the music and atmosphere are nicely done. The designs of all the monsters and enemies are good too.

While I may not be good at it, it's nice to have a protagonist that can heal health. You can certainly die fast, though. It's hard to tell when you're at the far end of the screen. I didn't know how to not skip the instructions. It's still a well put together game.