Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #5"

nothin is funnier than crackheads

good job

Great but not the best

This episode was pretty good.It had funny moments but it wasnt as good as the first four.It had pretty good graphics and the freestyle rap part was pretty funny.I think that this is the best series about Drug Humor! Keep up the good work!

Yo, its the return of Orlando......

Yo, that episode of Orlando's Joint waz pretty dope, but too short of a flash to be on the top 10 if ya know whut I'm sayin', but that part when them Craccheadz jacked Orlando 4 hiz stash of Chronic waz pretty funny though, or when hiz cuzine Summer came down to South Central and waz talkin' to Orlando while he'z smokin' a Dub, still @t the open micc night they shoulda had sum of that G-funk shit like "Trust No Bitch" by Penthouse Player's Clique or "Funk 2 Da Head" by Jayo Felony, still wanted ta see them Craccheadz get chased by the cops, dope flash & Fu skinhead88!


Great job man, noticed those Maddox and Foamy t-shirts in the crowd. I like how ya weaved them in there.

I think this was the best episode yet. While still not great, this one was just enjoyable. Does anyone say, "The Bomb" anymore? Anyway, it was interesting to see all this stuff going on. The episode didn't seem to be as much about stereotypes. The voices are good.

I've never heard of Bean Pie. Is it real? Well, I imagine it would be pretty easy to make. The animation isn't that good, but it's fine. I still don't remember most of their names.