Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #5"

Another great episode of Orlando.

Great same artwork and a pretty funny story with Orlando and great voice acting,hope #6 comes out soon. :)

It's rollin' tight

I liked it. This is the 2nd time I've watched it, and the story flows well. There's a lot that can be grown from just this episode, as it continuously flows with many ideas you want to take the series. I thought graphically, it got a little rigidy at times, and the flow seemed somewhat mechanic. Otherwise, I'm sold. This could be the next top newgrounds series (if done more often).

this is good

man this is real good u should make more. it almost good enough for late night t.v. i'd stay up til 4 in the mornin to watch it

It was ok

Damn. The crackheads rap better than Ponzi.

I like it

This series is pretty good. Can't wait for the next installment.