Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #5"

in that detached way

++ All characters are totally identifiable

++ Nice drawings

+++ The booty rap made me chuckle a bit

---- Nothing else did

+++ Cool voices

++ Great fonts

-- Some choppy changes in character movement. Often, joints will jump from one place to another... could have more in-between frames

--- I really dislike the straight lines on the buildings you use.

- The geek in me cringed at the music that supposedly came from the cello.

Not the funniest show, but I kinda enjoyed it and I find myself vaguely wondering what'll happen next in that detached way. I wouldn't say I care about the story, but it's gotten me vaguely interested.


this one well rolled joint of animation!!!!!!!


very nice!great series! i loved it! i especially liked when summer was at first all preppy and white, and shes just like back off or i cut u, the cholo was kewl too


whens the next one coming out? HURY MAN IM FREEKIN OUT!!!!

yo, this chronic is BOMB!!

hey man, just watched the whole series, and i must say im trippin' basket balls. jus' sittn' with a joint,enjoying the show.
yo, is there gonna be another episode dude?cuz i wanna know for the next time i get some chron....
good shit!