Reviews for "Orlando's Joint #5"

Dawgz! That Shit was tha bomb!

Dude! We got a hot one tonight! I just loved this flash because it was original in it's own way. It din' try to leech off the popularity of other shows, it just did itz own thang! Yeah Homies You heard me!
Express Yourselves! been playing too much GTASA lately ><


Nigga with yellow hat reminded me of Og Loc from GTASA =D


I dont know, it's sub par. Guess I just dont really care about your characters, The crack adicts beaten the shit out of your main guy was cool, and that they stole his weed, but... that was it bro :)

Its one of the greatest flashes known to man.

I must say, you never cease to amaze me once again a great flash. Im a big fan of the series. Great work is being done as long as they stay this good i'll keep watching. You make them i'll watch them. Strickprop.

Yay once again !

I loved the whole series, great graphics, nice sound, awesome concept, So I only have one thing, where's Orlando's Joint #6 ? !