Reviews for "M&L: A tale of 2 brothers"


Awesome! I get my sprites from the spriters recource too... although, i never submitted my flashes because (A) they suck (b) I CANT!!!!!!


this was ur first flash? its awesome.If it isnt ur first flash its still awesome.


that was the most funny $#!( ever lol. hurry and make part 2 i cant wait. SERIOUSLY I CANT WAIT SPEND EVERY SECOND YOU HAVE... WHY ARE YOU WASTING TIME READING THIS? GO AND MAKE IT!!!!!

EMProductions responds:

wow man, thanx. I had no idea my first flash would be this popular! it freakin' rocks! anyway thanx for the support and for giving such a high rating. As for part 2, i'll get started on that right after some well deserved rest. it took forever to do the first one. i promise, though, that part 2 will be noticably longer than the first one. Anyway, if ur already a fan, u can IM me at incognito0592. Thanx again for ur support.=)


Hi I am Pico23 I saved this flash and I like the ending and please make part 2!!!

Some of the sprites look familier to me

You know, some of the sprites look familier to me. Like [Cape] Mario shown at the beginning (And other scenes), it looks kinda look the [Cape] Mario from the Super Mario Bros. Z series. Same thing for the Luigi sprite at the beginning (and other scenes). Other than that, good movie!

EMProductions responds:

Thanx a lot for the good review. the sprites are all from a game called mario and luigi, superstar saga for the gameboy. I didn't steal them from the SMBZ flashes. although that series does rock, doesn't it?