Reviews for "Rouge Wars"


"Elictric lights, Machenery, and all that elelitricity

Its good

The quality sucked a lil. But over all it was good. And didnt Anykan use his metal hand when he was doing the force fush on obi-one?

THis should have been their 1-2-3 set commercial

That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen using that song. The song alone is annoying, but combined with these scenes in that order you used makes it perfect.
Kudos, man! good job!

Very clever

It's true what other reviewers have said--this song does sort of fit! It was amusing to see a differant interpriation of the song, what with Palpatine, Anikin, Obi-Wan, Padme, etc.

Graphics: pixily, and some basic mouth movement. Funny, but not slick. However, it doesn't really take away--sort of Monty-Python-ish.

Sound: The Spectacular Spectacular song. Straightforward.

Style: I had to give this a pretty high score; the intigration of movie clips was well-though out, what with C3-PO for the lights and technology line, and force lightning for "all that electricity!", and of course Darth Sidious for "I AM THE EVIL MAHRAJA!" And of course Qui-Gon for "And in the end should someone die??"

Violance: Lightsabers, blasters, and Sith lightning.

Interactivity: Well, it's a movie... besides the egg, very little.

Humor: What can I say? Gave me a chuckle..

Overall: 8--deserved it.


Wow, that song kinda fits!! I can just see Star Wars characters running around and singing this.
LoL, Anakin had a womans voice...