Reviews for "Rucklo - Endless Handbag Remix"


There was so much going on that I actually almost missed the original Loop in there. Once I picked it out (before the point where it does it near regularily) everything came together magically!
So familiar, yet completely new!

The old loops is a Newgrounds staple, and it's very interesting to see it flipped and spiced up like this! Props to you man, this is great.

Definately looking forward to seeing what Luis intends to use it for :)

Rucklo responds:

There is no loop from the original tune. I've remade it (assuming you're talking about the beat) from scratch.

Thanks alot for the review!

Astronomically Epic Win.

So does luis need it for a new game for Pico day or something?

Rucklo responds:

Nah, I think it's gonna get launched this coming week, so you'll see. Dunno if Luis want's me to say what it is for, so I better shut the hell up. If I displease Luis, he will steal all my socks, excluding the pair I now have on me. :(

. . .

Gotta love that style of percussion! Not sure If I'm of fan of the timbre of that really simple sounding organ like instrument...the lower lines work, but the higher ones just sound like a little too much of a simple sound to me. The scratching and vocals are definitely legit. Also I'm hearing lots of rough gritty mushy lower end on the mix. I'm sure the vinyl sounding noise is intentional but I don't think thats the culprit. Was some of this recorded live? Were you going for a particular type of sound with the mix? Sometimes it's tough to tell if people are intentionally going for a more retro sound or not.

Anyways overall fun little piece since that percussion is so awesome.


- LD -

Rucklo responds:

i think i cleaned up the low-end reasonably, there should only be the sub and the bassdrum down there... thinking of it, i might have forgotten to EQ it properly... but whatever, i have no time to fix that now anyway.
as for what's recorded... the scratching is, everything else is MIDI-controlled, written by hand. of course i've edited so that it shouldnt be TOO tight, as that'd take the vintage sound out in three sec.
frankly, there's not enough vintage-sound in this tune - as the original seem to consist of whatever samples... to make it alot better i should have made loops of all instruments and handled them accordingly. but again, i've no time, so it all stays purley programmed.
as for the recorded scratching, more or less all of it is original scratching, but i have cleaned up some where i've made small misses in the cut and whatnot. it always takes forever to cut the scratching up so i can pan it around (doing that manually so i get it tight), but yeeeh...

Glad you like the tune though, in case you haven't you definitley should check out the original!