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Reviews for "Radosh - Forgotten World (FULL"


There's something about this song, i can't put my finger on it but it's magical. I really like the oriental style synth and the beat is spot on. I especially like the section between 0:55 - 1:17 then the breakdown at 1:40 is super sick. The whole thing is put together very well. The vocals are a really nice touch. IMO, a good song should take the listener on a ride, and this track executes that flawlessly. Great work.

Radosh responds:

OH Thank you so much for this review! Very much appreciate! :)

nnnnbobm here

Every time I litsen to this I get a really awesome picture in my mind:you're in the jungle,tied to a pole,awaiting your exacution from the Mystic Tribe's Indian Chief.Dude,you make the best music known to mankind.

Radosh responds:

Thanks... you have a great imagination xD


Lol'd at the voice in the background =D

Man your work is really great :O

Radosh responds:

Thanks Man! Appreciate :3

Nice work BFAM! love it

nice job there bro, good work. one request, permission to use this in flash content?

Radosh responds:

ABSOLUTELY YES!!! It will be an honor for me

Pretty good

Has a nice beat to it...good job bro and its funny cuz u added this like 4 mins ago :3

Radosh responds:

xD Thx