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Reviews for "DD : Naruto Style"

Nice work .

Double dragon is a great game . Naruto i dont really like because he´s just a fake ninja....What i really liked in this movie was the great sound effect . I mean , when someone gets hit you could always hear this great punching noise . Maybe you could have made this thing last longer tough .


That was kick ass, only thing I didn't get was near the end with the whole Butthead laugh, but I still thought it was funny.


i am a fan of naruto, and you have a nice work,,good luck for the next flashes!

Quest1oN responds:

thnx =)

Good job

I like the work you putn into this, I could buy into the fighting being that of Naruto's. Although I didn't like the Butt-Head laughing noise, overall you did a good job. Keep up the good work.

Quest1oN responds:

thanks man, i'll keep it up :P

Perhaps I didn't see it...

...but this seemed more like a DBZ/Double Dragon Flash moreso that a Naruto/DD flash maybe I missed the concept somewhere but oh well still good nonetheless. Truly a close representation to the style of Rebaz practice a bit more and you'll get it. :3

Quest1oN responds:

well yeah.. maybe there was a bit of DBZ in it because i like dbz to but.. DID GOKU USES SHADOW REPLICATION?!..