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Reviews for "DD : Naruto Style"

XD The womans Head XD

I liked when the blue dude kicked the Womans head of XD


I'm not very good at flash (still learning) But i know this is a good flash. Problem is your lack of music

man that kinda sucked

ok not to be rude if yer ganna make a naruto flash use naruto sprites i didnt even know wtf double dragon is (sounds like a main course meal ^_^) but it was kindsa crpy man make better flashs =\

Quest1oN responds:

I knew some people would react like that... cuz you are like 12 years old ? and not from the "double dragon time" so i don't blame you that you never played it XD And keep up the good work with your flashes man.. Lots better than mine :D

I think you...

ZOMG! I think you just raped my eyes... and ears... I think that was a waste of my time... Not the worst I've seen but... blegh.

Quest1oN responds:


Flash by KonohaLeaf25:
- none -
man that one just.. raped my eyes..
oh and

Flash by KonohaLeaf25:
- none -

that one raped my ears.. reading your review and responding on it was a waste of my time..
weird, devoted, perverted reviewer.
Not the worst I've read but...shit you rock at flash^_^ je moeder :)

Naruto style

it wasnt bad at all for sprites
most of the sprite ones arent as good
but yours was great

i defininitly hope you make another