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Reviews for "DD : Naruto Style"

I reckon u could do better, good try anyway

Yeah i agree i reckon u should use naruto sprites, and if ur using sprites try to get them more pixelized cos then they look much better.

P.S. i would add noise to rasengan and lightning edge (chidori) =P

Um i dont know well um......

That was good but it doesnt belong on htis page there wasnt even any naruto charcters there! But it had the naruto style so give it an averrage like i liked it but i wish there was some naruto charcters actually in it!


LoL @ Sharingan xD

Not bad

It could have used a bit more work, but it was more or less good. The Butt-head impression was hilarious, and seeing the woman die was...not as funny. I agree that Naruto shoulda won!!


Dude that clip was too weird and funny.

Especially when one of them laughed like Butthead, and kicked the womans head off. OMFG!