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Reviews for "DD : Naruto Style"

Pretty good, but there was no BG music :(

If you had BG music you would have my five, instead you get my four! HAHAHAHHA.

You use sprites good, and I liked the electricity effect.

It was kinda funny too.

Quest1oN responds:

there was BG music! only at the end of the movie >< but otherwise you wouldnt here the kickass sound effects good XD

but thanks for your 4 ^^ (-_-')

Good with more than enough room for improvement

This is a pritty good flash, there were only two problem's I saw with it. Being you are just thrown right into the fight, no back story. At all. You might want to consider making episode's leading up to this one. But being as you probably just did this for fun that probably wont be the case. And some background music wouldent hurt either. Though your sound fx, were solid. Overall thought it was a damn good flash, but I can see why some people might not enjoy it.

Quest1oN responds:

yeah your right.. i'll might consider making some episodes or at least 1 leading to this fight ;)


if this dos'nt get flash of the day,i dont know what will

Quest1oN responds:

i hope so.. but don't think so xD


i LOVE DD, AND THAT WAS AWESOME,Nice job Joeri, at then end of the movie, i can see you animation has IMPROVED, GOOOD JOB , i cant wait untill you relaese something REAL BIG!!, Latta

Quest1oN responds:

yeah DD ROCKS ! and again.. thank for helping me ><!


very good i liked it alot

Quest1oN responds:

happy to read that ^_^