Reviews for "Vault"

Loved It!@!!

It was so much better then I thought.

I gave it all my 5er.

Hope it makes it thru.

Love Always!!!@

Jimtopia responds:

Thx! I am glad people enjoy my submissions.

Actually pretty good

I enjoyed the music, although the filesize seemed unnessicarly large. So true though... so true.

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah, I am working on making my music files smaller. Anyway, thx for the review.

i liked that

It had pretty bad graphics, but I liked your style and how you chose music. It was good, it was good.

Jimtopia responds:

If nothing else, I think I am pretty good at picking out music for those cartoons.

It was cute...

If he wouldnt have started dancing in the green rain I wouldve blammed it. That was cute.

Jimtopia responds:

Thank you so much for not blamming this. I really appreciate it. I thought the dancing was cute too.