Reviews for "Vault"


A explosive drink now thats comedy ghold

Jimtopia responds:

I'll have to remember that for my comedy routine.


The explosive energy drink!!!

Jimtopia responds:

Indeed, quite "explosive."

Poor bob

Oh, poor bob. i bet he lost a bet to jary x_X
I really like the song in the end of the video xD

Jimtopia responds:

'twas a classic.

Bizzarre, some nice touches

Despite its simplicity it has a few moments, like the effect of the misty cabinet and the glimpse of the clear bottles as he opens it. I know its just a question of alpha, but it looked good.
As I put to gether all the details in your various submissions I can see that you know your stuff. Lets hope you can get it all together for the great one to come!
I take it Jim is rich if he takes no change from $100! Maybe that will be you one day!
Nice choice of music again. Sorry 6/10 isn't much for sound, but I rarely give more for only music.
Best Wishes,

Jimtopia responds:

Thx for an honest review, yes, Jim is rich, if you go to my site and watch "The Lottery" it'll explain everything.

What the?

What i mean to say what the fuck was that piece of glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!