Reviews for "Vault"


Why did he give him 100 dollars and didn't get the change? How come he doesn't wear any pants? Why did that drink explode?

Jimtopia responds:

It's best not to concern yourself with questions like these.


basically i want to work where ever Jim shops id be rich pretty fast.

Jimtopia responds:

Lol I wouldn't mind working there either.


good but pretty short...

Jimtopia responds:

It is quite short.

Nice joke

Let's face it, this is one of the precursors to the Jim & Pals series as we now know it. Great little joke and it only goes to show how much better your flash are with voices. This one was certainly missing something, aside from the lack of vocal talent.

There's usually something else about the supermarket - usually some other background noise, other than the musac, which was spot on, to be honest. I think that a basic humming noise for the refrigerator and a few noises for the cash register and the door would have added nicely to it.

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Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I think you're right this was sort of a Jim and Pals precursor, that had never really occured to me before honestly. And you're right again with your sound effects suggestion, this really would have been improved with the addition of a few sound effects.


Great flash. Like I've said in other reviews, it's content that makes quality. I loved the opening. Just pure, classic comedy.

Jimtopia responds:

Glad you liked it so much.