Reviews for "Vault"


This is the 2nd Jimtopia cartoon I've ever watched and the series is turning out to be hilarious! It does seem nowadays, that if you so much as drop a Vault that's what is gonna happen! One time me and my buddy Keir were playing with some old soda bottles, and we made a diet coke and mentos bottle rocket! It was hilarious! Anyways, liked the song nintendo elevator music, but where did you get it? Nice flash and I hope that Jimtopia stays hilarious! If I were Jim, I would have no pants on too. ^_^

Jimtopia responds:

I always wanted to make one of those mentos rockets, but my friends and I are just so darn lazy.

lol boom

that was funny why did he have no pants

Jimtopia responds:

That's how Jim rolls.

Funny and...

it realy was explosive

Jimtopia responds:


that was so stupid...

but extremely entertaining, good work?
also, why DOES he have no pants?

Jimtopia responds:

Only Jim knows.

Couldn't get it

It's funny, but it gets nonsense

Jimtopia responds:

Yes, yes it does.