Reviews for "Animator vs. Animation"

well good idea

wow that was soooo cooool how could the guy before rate that a 9...


I'm normally to lazy to write reviews, but I had to make an exception in this case. This is one of, if not THE most original animation I've seen on Newgrounds....and you managed to pull it off very effectively too, the sound effects fit perfectly with the battle, and synchronises beautifully. Seriously, 300000+ animations on this site, and I don't think ANYONE has done something like this before.

About the only improvement I could suggest would be to add some music, but then again this flash seems to work just fine without it. Congrats to you on making such an interesting and enjoyable flash! =)


Saw this years ago and couldn't find it again until a few months ago! Must've taken ages to make!


do more do more


any1 hu givz u a 9 or less has no friggin taste.