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Reviews for "Animator vs. Animation"


Overall this is GREAT! i gave graphics an 8 Because well, they ARE stick figures, but otherwise great job.

The one flash animation to rule them all.

This is my -favorite- Flash animation. When I'm animating, and I have animators block, I watch this movie, and I'm filled with inspiration. Thank you, so much.

Down with Bauman! =O

haha very nice!

I really like this!
Funny how it uses all the tools and stuff.
If you're an animator yourself it's a lot funnier!
I'm not really a good animator, still very much a beginner, but I'm just saying. ;)

Another good idea used, lol.


Best animation i have ever seen ever! great way to use flash to it's full potential and make fun of it at the same time. Love it.

Nice blend of those old gifs and the use of tools

A brilliant idea and the animation flows, now if only this was a game...