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Reviews for "Animator vs. Animation"


the animation was great, and smooth.
the sound maches every movement
and we finally have some 'originality' her at NG
you are the one to bring hope to the future!
you are indeed at talented one when it comes to animation.


I know I am probly gonna get slammed on this comment, but I love the animation, but why did you have it taked off eBaums, he paid you and let you keep distribution rights, and honestly his server does not lag as much as this one. Don't get me wrong I love newgrounds, but I also love eBaums, I just think that alot of flash designers were mad that you got paid to submit it to eBaums. Maybe because both me and him are native New Yorkers, but stop the fued.


Good job--that was very creative :P Don't have much to say on it, but it was a good movie.

Extremely Creative!

This appealed to my inner flash creator, I was sorry when it ended. At first I didn't know who to root for, but it felt as if I was the "mouse" while I was watching, so the ending felt just right.
I hope to see more work like this, and maybe a sequel (that would be weird!).

Great one, awesomely done.

This is a great movie, I've seen many like this but not this great. You even added double effects at the end, I loved this piece of artwork, great job.