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Reviews for "Animator vs. Animation"


that was really cool. good style and good ideas. front page!


This Movie Rocks! This Is One Of The Best Animations I Have Seen Like This In A While. Can't Wait If You Make A Sequal.

Going Straight On My Favourite List.


Really good animation and great graphics. The idea was incredibly orginal.

This definetely deserves FRONT PAGE!!!

Killer-cereal is dumb

Wow this was a great flash. One of my faves in fact. But Killer_cereal when you open up flash do you here mortal combat music playing? Retard

fucking awesome

wow this shit is the best i liked it alot. And it was funny and very creative i enjoyed your style which it was VERY unique! and very interactive. And everything which was pretty much a upside except one thing read below

only one the music no offense but it was horrible the sounds and everything i suggest resumbiting it with some kinda fight music? maybe mortal combat which would at more interest.