Reviews for "Hooray for SuperHeroMan!"


better than what got 4th... but still pointless...

I see that you graduated from the Ed Edd and Eddy school of colouring out of the lines XD I thought this was extremely anti climatic after all that intense music and build up, so it just felt really disappointing to me. To me, this also has a sense of randomness that just wasnt likeable. Like, for some reason, him throwing his moustache saves the day? There are some amazing shows that utilize random humour well like SVTFOE and Regular Show, because they feel more natural. I know this was 12 years ago btw, but I saw it as one of Noogai's Fav's, so i thought Id check it out!

I dis-concur.

I have to disagree, chishcabab. Fighting evil silly rabbits is the pinnacle of all mankind's endeavours.