Reviews for "Hooray for SuperHeroMan!"


that ending was unexpected

i was laughing when he won and didnt change his face



this was a cool clip for the most part. I like the poison stash lol good job .


with all the terrible crap i've seen in the last 48 hours it's nice to see something made by somebody with a little talent.

now make one for fun and come up with a better story line and a little longer, i'd like to see more SuperHeroMan.

Not amazing...

Meh, not the best display of work I have ever seen... But it definately has potential. Keep it up and I'm sure things will get better... It wasn't really long enough and the plot didn't grab my attention. Kind of boring...

But keep working at it and I'm sure you'll get it...

vonDark responds:

it was done in like a week, so it isn't really the best I could come up with anyway.


Superhero man is really cool. Was that underware on his head? Anyway, great little flash.

vonDark responds:

yup, underwar on your head is the new black.