Reviews for "Hooray for SuperHeroMan!"


ROFL throws his mustache, now thats a funny ending Good Job ^_^


10/10 & 5/5....

but the part with the siren.... where did you get that sound effect? i could swear i'd heard it in a video game somewhere...

dude dude dude

At the end there, Was that music From a game called Legend Of Legaia? Or where was it from?

cool one

that was a neat animation. "SuperHeroMan" was an interesting character, nice graphics and audio, a cool and entertaining concept behind it and it was fun to watch.

wasn't sure if this was ur first video

wasn't sure if u've been improving at making videos, but the video was missing some sound effects. and some of the drawings were a little wobbly. not that much of an interesting story line. strange ending. some of the animations were good, but maybe it needs some more improvement on the drawings