Reviews for "Hack VR"


it was really good but has some glithches

McSpazz responds:

Maybe people have indicated there are glitches in this game. I've play tested it, and haven't found any myself. Anywhere that there is supposed to be a hit detected, it is. But i understand what the complaints are about. The trick is to hack when your foot is at it's apex, if you go too soon, it will appear as though the ball goes through the leg. Try holding out just a split second longer; it's easy once you get the hang of it, and there will be no glitches. Thanks for the heads-up.


i know u said there are no glitches but i found one i did a move where he ate the ball and now its gone. i mean like i can't reset by pressing "up" its wierd but i liked the game it was fun and addicting. did u make the person or was that an actual person put thru some graphic thing.

This is good

Now i'm gonna hack tommorow. Things it could use tho are:
-Foot pick-ups instead of just picking it up with your hands (you could make bar where you press a button like on golf games for the power of the swing and the higher you hit on the bar the higher you pop the sack up; obviously getting it as high as possible is preferred and you make more points the higher it is)
-High score keeper- it would be way more addicting if i knew when i was beating out my scores.
Pretty awesome though and great job (I gave sound a zero because i was drowning out the music with my own)


pretty nice style but the fact that it has to be a perfect hit in a spot pissed me off instead of if it hits the foot but it was a great game keep it up. Like how you did the graphics.


The hit detection could use some work, but other then that, I like it.