Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 4"


It helps a lot! Too bad, you haven't still created a new tutorial...

Thanks for all your help

Really helpfull flash, thanks.
If possible could you please do a tutorial on moving backgrounds and how to make the camera zoom in/out.
- Jim

pretty cool

pretty cool
one question
what sie did you get the sprites off?


that flash is awesome but u need to make one a bout play buttons cuz i suk at those


good job, thnx for your efforts to teach us. I have been wanting to create a game for a while, but only know a lil bit of flash, and these tutorials should give me a good start.
if i could make a suggestion for a possible topic you could touch on, i would like to know what is needed to move the background with the character, and allow them to enter buildings and stopping them from walking through walls and stuff like that... that would help me alot if you have the time.
keep up the good work