Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"

Something new.

Brilliant, really brilliant. This was for a change something new and fresh, i really liked this genius. You could put up a little more animals and fit in negative power-ups so the player can be a little frustrated and equalized. Anyway this fantastic!

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] YaY. Im happy to hear it. this is our 1st submission and did better than we thought.


alright this was good,too good, i like it hahaha.

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You have pleased Newton and Galileo

At first I thought I had to take down the animal balloons. Haha, I should never bypass directions. But, it's a nice game, I love the physics that you implemented in this game. It's nice to see someone including inertia in a game.


I actually thought it was a pretty original and fun game. You don't see good things like this around much, is has an arcade quality so it would have great replay value. A few things I have to jot down though in the negative side.

- The graphics on the explosions could be better
- More power-ups
- Better sound quality
- A high-score system


its great but the rocket goes way to fast even on slow mode when u get to 5600 points. its almost inpossiable to controol.