Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"


nice. it was totally original, nice replay, kinda funny. improove graphicsand make a high score system though. i like how u added a small (but hey! its a story aint it?) to an arcade game.


wasnt so good all around but fun i guess i got 3100 score it was your voices i think graphics was wiggly you made this pretty quick right?

TwoManStudios responds:

NO! This took us 3 weeks ish. It was our first EVER flash. So i think it was rather damn good.


I actually thought it was a pretty original and fun game. You don't see good things like this around much, is has an arcade quality so it would have great replay value. A few things I have to jot down though in the negative side.

- The graphics on the explosions could be better
- More power-ups
- Better sound quality
- A high-score system


This has much more potential to get pass judgement and beyond...