Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"


Pretty unique, helium filled animals ^^

Gets a bit repetative, just moving mouse around, but it got harder. i think! (did the rocket start moving faster, or was it just me)

Still Pretty good, some people will play to beat high scores i guess

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] It does get harder! :]

wish you were the one floatin around

then people ask why is it that we are the worst species overall.. you make me sick.

TwoManStudios responds:

Be quiet. You're obviously inexperienced in worldliness. Treehugger.

bizarre game you have here

is cool anyway, I kinda liked it.


loved it. Good physics, good addition of a "near miss" thingie.

fun, Fun, FUN!

A great little game, very fun with comical value and a great feel. A little simple though, but otherwise very nice.