Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"

Neat game

Hilarious, a bit simple, the graphics a bit rough, but very funny.

brilliant way to waste time

the game got kinda tricky but fuck me it was addictive

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] Glad to hear it and glad to say we will most likly make no. 2


It was really fun.. very original.

It's a bit hard using a laptop trackpad.

Then again, I suppose most Flahs games are.

The difficulty curve goes up pretty quickly, so you have to get the hang of controlling the rocket pretty quickly. If you can make the turning radius of the rocket a little smaller and ease up on the rate the speed goes up at so that it's easier to learn and get the hang of, it'd be great.

Fun gameplay

I didn't like the barnyard theme or the graphics. However the gameplay was fun, the whole avoiding objects while hitting targets and ship keeps going faster and faster and harder to contol. The highest I got was 5650. I think this game would be much cooler if it had like a spaceship theme type thing, with better graphics and everything.