Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"

Something new.

Brilliant, really brilliant. This was for a change something new and fresh, i really liked this genius. You could put up a little more animals and fit in negative power-ups so the player can be a little frustrated and equalized. Anyway this fantastic!

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] YaY. Im happy to hear it. this is our 1st submission and did better than we thought.


Fun game i just wish it didnt do that to me.
You may want to check this bug out.
At 5050 points my rocket started to appear on only 2 sides bak and forth when i stopped moving...i hit another fast powerup and it was nearly impossible to see...i hit a target and it disapeared...and now its just the target cursor the animals and a target sittin gon the screen.
Just try to fix that so i can try to get a higher score.

TwoManStudios responds:

I'm sorry. I just really didnt think anyone could get that fast. You must have found lots of "fast" powerups.

I Keep On Killing The Duck

I think my highest score was 2100 which is actually really low. This game was fun for the first couple times. Nothing someone would work hours just to get a high score on. Can you take the duck out of this game, I feel so bad killing him so many times, plus he screws up my chances of getting a better high score. Great game.

TwoManStudios responds:

Sorry the duck stays.
Do you think we should make it more challanging ?

Not too shabby,

Keep at it.


TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] Thanks. We will probaly make a New version with extra stuff.

pretty cool

i find most games cool though seeing i have no idea how to action script. nice game.

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] Thanks. Good luck on ur cartoons.