Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"


its great but the rocket goes way to fast even on slow mode when u get to 5600 points. its almost inpossiable to controol.

Pretty Good

Little bit better sounds would be nice but overall a good game. I enjoyed it.

Not Bad

You know, I was really entertained by this. After I popped a piggy or two by accident, I kept playin it. Addictive, entertaining, not a bad game at all. It really meets one of the criteria I have for a good game. It's very basic. Hopefully in the future, you'll make stuff of this calibre or a higher one with better graphics and sound, but that never affects the experience for me. It's all the same. Good Fun.


Amusing. I actually thought it would have been better. Good concept though, I liked the story (xD).

not bad

at first when i started playing i thought it would be alot worse keep up the good work