Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"

Funny Farmer

the game was intresting for about 20 seconds then I kinda felt like I wasnt realy going anywere with this. Anyways that farmer in the beggining was hilarious!! haha

Uh, interesting..?

Average graphics, I dont like the music, although it kind of fits the game.. some kind of those weird banjo-jug-weird stuff you would hear from farmers..
This is more like a time-killer/mini-game..

quite boring..

its boring but its quite new. lol. lurv the sounds. storyline is... interesting too. hahas.

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] We are most likly going to make a new one with better everything!
I cant confirm this though because my lazy friend is still in bed.


It was pretty cool... but umm... i got to 7900 and had 2 or 3 fast power ups ( i don't know if htye stack or not) and the missle kinda disapeared... nice game tho

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] Yeah we saw that glitch when testing with no animals, we didn't think any one would get that far. But we will fix iit by making a leval system or somthing?
Next version with major changes out soon.
PS can someone say what should we do to improve sound ,E-mail us.


pretty fun game!

TwoManStudios responds:

Glad you enjoyed!