Reviews for "Farmyard Missile Launcher"

Kinda fun.

I like the fact that the rocket doesn't follow the cursor exactly...and that you get points for "near-misses" (giving incentive for riskier, more exciting games). However, after a while the rocket starts moving so fast that it becomes one stationary blur around the cursor, and it gets way too easy.

TwoManStudios responds:

[Ben] New version is coming out to night with fixes, highscore list, levels, more animals and extra...
Just finishing it off.

Nearly Sucked...

the graphics were average... no below average... and the sound was very irritating... the game was good... BUT wayyy too simple!!!


Well, its not bad......its not good but it has some aspects.....


To be completely honest, I didn' find this all that entertaining.

Surprisingly low amount of reviews for something that's supposedly held in high esteem. Interesting idea for the game, but I don't really get the storyline all that well... And the sound effects did kind of get on your nerves. Original idea though, but perhaps a little too simple.


very addicting

for about 4 2\1 secs i thought it was fun but still bit boring