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Reviews for "24 Elders"

Wayy Good!

I like this alot, the mixture of classic sounding orchestra with the guitar and drumbs is great, perfect mix of music genres, and personally i see this as an epic scene in a movie too, but not an badass part, but where the character just realises something life changing, or someone dies in his arms and he goes to get revenge...lol! Epic, keep it up!

Pretty cool!

I love this, although why it was under "Heavy Metal" is anyone's guess. It sounded like it belongs in a Halo game, not particularly "heavy" metal. I especially like the violin (right?) solos like one around the 1:30 mark. It may not have been what I was looking for at the moment, but it was still pretty cool. Nice job.


not the best ive heard but, good job

Not bad at all.

Very mellow at times, yet I feel somehow it's missing something. It's probably just me. However, very nice and definitely one of the better stuff I've listened to.

I give you props

Was this all electronic or did you actually play it? Its good, the mix of a slight orchestral tone and heavy metal beats makes it seem like a fight scene.