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Reviews for "24 Elders"


Violins and guitars... LOVE ! it's a great match and sound great , the bass is a bit too "lazy" for me ( i'm a bassist) but's all match perfectly! good job! 10!

Very intiresting

A neat change from the usual heavy grundge evil music. I like it, very nice job.
Lol I dunno what Mr. sucks problem is other then he despises newgrounds, your a very talented artist and I anticipate your future music.

Good stuff bro.

I really dig the symphonic elements. Im big into the symphonic death genre and while this is not "death" metal, I would still call it metal. I dont know what the dude below me is talking about but I would like to hear more from ya :)

I'm sorry...

I am just giving you 1 star for the fact of, I clicked on this to hear something you know 24 elders would probaly not want to hear because it would hurt there ears... Yea, that happens int he first 28 mins... It is ok, but still it was not even heavy metal please, next time you upload don't false us with this."Heavy Metal." Special when it is no WHERE near heavy metal.


dude this track is awesome. love this floating atmosphere!!!