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Reviews for "24 Elders"

Very nice

Like being said before, a very nice and round composition. Sounds like a lot of work, especially because of the multitude of instruments and themes you used. I for one especially like the quiet clicks from 2:20 onwards that go from left to right because they make me listen more carefully to the song. The atmosphere is very epic, though I's have preferred it if you shredded some of the guitar-parts, like around 3:12, maybe with a slide downwards to introduce the final refrain (everybody's a critic, I know ; ) ). But that might have diverted the attention from a possible visual level, if it was used on a video or something.
Generally I bow to your creativeness. May I ask, did you record all the instruments yourself? Or did you use the computer to do the violines and stuff?
Keep up the good work and allow us to listen to more of your songs.

Pretty cool!

I love this, although why it was under "Heavy Metal" is anyone's guess. It sounded like it belongs in a Halo game, not particularly "heavy" metal. I especially like the violin (right?) solos like one around the 1:30 mark. It may not have been what I was looking for at the moment, but it was still pretty cool. Nice job.

Lovin it!

This is exactly my type of metal! This is the kind of music I personally believe should be rated 5 here on newgrounds. If you listen to every instrument you can tell you definitely know what you're doing. Its also very nicely mixed! It could sound a bit better but i'm guessing that's cause u had to lower the quality of the track.
Anyway, keep up the awesome work man!!
rated 5/5 10/10 !