Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 7"

things have changed

now not only the phone actually leaves the table when blockhead picks it up (unlike ep.1),the teacher got her sanity back and changed blockhead's grade to an F from the D- in ep2!
so why am i not surprised that blockhead still keeps that grade on the fridge... oh right,same reason there is a time squad robot sitting at the park...

agreement with below


liek us

block head is like a teenager is smokes joints just like 15 year olds and gets high and those stuped thing but only he stays high for the rest of his life and will never get out of it.




This episode was quite good. I found it funny.
The animation's much more cleaner and better now.
Good audio too. Blockhead's randomness just adds to the awesomeness of this series.
Good job!