Reviews for "DBZ Training"

Not bad

Not bad at all ...... that was realy good animation ......... ive given you a 4 hope it gets through :)

loved it

good length and very well done sprite work
oh i noticed that trunk's move at one point about mid point is acctually one of goku's move as i had teh game that it is off, one of teh ps1 dragonball z game still fit very well like the whole thing plz finishe this i wanna see how it turns out :P


More, more, more, more and more of this, thats simply genius.

Not to bad!!

A fair effort. There are alot of DBZ sprite movies out there and I think yours was one of the better one's i've seen. You actually got the pace of the fight right. Not stupid amounts of their best moves, and a good amount of dialouge between battles (personally i find this hilarious. Not just in your movie but in the show).

not bad

I still like the first episode the best, and i think it was pretty pointless making it A draw between vegeta and trunks.
In the hyperbolic time chamber Trunks became more powerfull then Vegeta but he lost A lot of his speed, you could have put that in to the fight because it would be really cool to see a really powerfull but slow Trunks fight Vegeta.

acicon-orig responds:

Vegeta didn't make himself as strong as Trunks at the time because he knew the flaw with the bulky muscles thing. imagine this flash as their 1st day of training in the time chamber so at that time they didn't discover the "super" mode yet. tnx for the review!