Reviews for "DBZ Training"

nice job!

but the talking has to go.....


that was a nice use of "dragon ball z the strongest warrior!"...or wuteva the rest of the title is...anyway i liked the movement and when i watched it i said now why couldn't the game be like this!

It's cool.

You should've used "our" resources. They are shaded and such.
MUCH better then the ones you used.

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Movie was allright, could be better ^^

Not bad

Nothing new, but i liked it though. Voted so low for graphics cuz they are sprites ;). Nothing wrong with em, but you had to add more effects to the sprites else its nothing new and just boring.

Good job

I know one of the songs to. Last one is Hitenmitsurugiryu in Samurai X

acicon-orig responds:

yep. exactly =D