Reviews for "DBZ Training"

I like it.

It was pretty entertaining. It was like the actual show. Good job.

A few things I didn't like

First, I think the Hyperbolic Time Chamber can be a little "boring" background. However, it worked well. I didn't like the sike in PIXELS of your movie if only you had enlarged eveything to twice the height and width it could have enjoyed better the movie (low score in graphics).

Finally, don't make false expectatives at the end of the movie. You even did some new background, added Cell sprites and everything. I was hoping that battle.

Overall, I liked the movie, but there are some things that bugged me.

i do like it

but where are those sprites from?

Nice little episode

That was alright. Maybe a little more background? Like rocks, dirts, hole in the ground, grass, anything.

And why is Trunk saying "Father" over and over.

Also, the sprites should look more "Damaged" as the fight goes on. Little dirt on their face, dirty pants & shirt.

The transition to the fight with Cell is, well, what transition?

You could easily win a 7 out of me if redone.


I like the animation style with the sprites. That was done quite well. The dialogue could have been better, but overall the movie was done quite nicely.