Reviews for "DevilSlayer"


its got a good plot but the art/animation/audio is a bit crappy

Flashy, but simply floppy

Now I've sure you've heard it plenty times before, but maybe I'll say it just once more: the Audio. I see this is one of your older animations being published in 2006, but I figure I'll still cite that.

Aside from the audio, another thing that bugged me was small gaps within the animation; such as when a "demon" would be sliced there would be a simple line. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but it seemed to bug me as being too simple.

Other in that, the writing is fun as usual, it's like boondocks, with swords (haha).

Food problems...

Dude, it's hilarious. All ur stplot twists are based around food! ^^

JazLyte responds:

That should tell you something >B)


everything else was perfect exept u gotta fix the audio, it hurts my ears

so jazz goes demon form cuz of the the cheetoz?!?!?!?

Well, Hot Cheetos!

I appreciate the sense of humor.
On the other hand, the animation isn't bad for Flash, but I'm glad your work got better. The audio is terrible; there is so much distortion it's ridiculous. Also, being an English teacher, mistakes like spelling 'deceived' wrong really bother me.
For all those reasons, I only give a six to an animation I would rather give an 8 or 9.