Reviews for "BirdBallz"

Aw Man

Everything about this was awesome, but I do have one complaint. He runs out of energy rather quickly. Other than that, I could play this shit all day. Its pretty humerous to see a bird with swollen nuts.

Edvin responds:

It shouldn't be too hard if you don't fly too fast and collect enough grains. Have a look at the highscores, some people survived for a long time.

- Toast

Yay! I'm still #1. :)

Nice game guys!

I'll be adding you two to my favorite artists. :)

Loved it

Really i spent way to much time playing this game but wow its great how can you not love a bird with giant ballz ??? Excatly .... lol

Keep up the good work birdballz has been my after noon pick me up thanx for that !


How in the world did you come up with a bird whos balls are weighing him down!? Thats freaken hilarious!!! Great game man. It had a bug one time and my bird disapeared but other than that its awesome. I like the song a lot, but it could use another track or two. Overall, more games should be like this. Make more!


YAY i found the glitch!

horray, now i'm gonna leave it there and i don't care how much it might take, i can get used to the annoying music, anyways, seet game, odd, pointless, but sweet