Reviews for "BirdBallz"

Aw Man

Everything about this was awesome, but I do have one complaint. He runs out of energy rather quickly. Other than that, I could play this shit all day. Its pretty humerous to see a bird with swollen nuts.

Edvin responds:

It shouldn't be too hard if you don't fly too fast and collect enough grains. Have a look at the highscores, some people survived for a long time.

- Toast


Who'd have thought a bird with swollen testicles could be so humourous, hehe. You crazy guy!


Amazingly addictive, too.

Edvin responds:

Sleep with me =)


a masterpiece that can only come from 2 guys i'd never heard of before called puzz and toast. puzz and toast. lol. the only minus is the bird flu, which is just a "trend disease" like sars, killer bees, ect. good job guys.

Edvin responds:

Thanks for the positive comment. Puzz and toast... Maybe one day in a few years it won't be as unknown. :p

ok, i guess

eh, a lil boring, but certainly not the worst game ive played. it is a lil fun trying to beat your old record, but the concept of a bird with huge ballz trying to soar into the sky weirds me out, but is sorta funny. also, the graphics were pretty good.