Reviews for "BirdBallz"


Was good but did u know in proportion to every creature in the world the male ant (or something like that) would have the biggest cock relative to its size to every living thing on this earth :D


Edvin responds:

Well, BirdBallz is an exception. I bet his private part is proportionally bigger than an ant's one. Thanks for the kind of positive review though.


This game is kinda funny but gross dude

Edvin responds:

...Gross? Did you see any birds with underpants lately? I wouldn't think so... :)

The sound kinda made this toon look good...

Actually the game sound made this game look good...But its a weird game....

fun needs some work

my fav of game was popcorn remix one of my fav song so there you go the lightning needed to be able to be seen but that is about all i have good game

Great game!

I'm VladTheInhaler on the leaderboards...my only complaint is that I broke 1,000,000 but there was a bug and when I died it just stayed on the game screen and I couldn't get out of the water. Killer game though, I look foward to the next.

Edvin responds:

You mean the next BirdBallz? Unfortunatly there won't be a next one. I will probably develop other games with -Puzz- though.

- Toast