Reviews for "BirdBallz"

Not a good game!

To much nudity on this game newgrounds should delete this game.
Plus birds dont have testacles!

This diserves a 0!

Edvin responds:

You sound very intelligen, giving 0 to everything although obviously it deserves a lot more than that. If you have a problem with testicles (learn how to spell it) then you can go to another site, teletubbies.com for instance; there are so many games with nudity on this site that 1 drawn pair of testicles is really nothing.

Next time try to be less stupid and not give 0 to everything just because a pair of drawn testicles you don't like.

Your ass deserves a 0.

- Toast


Graphics:As far the can be maded they were not bad,but still not brilliant.You could give more details,but still the chicken with balls is a fine piece of work.

Style:Not very orginal,but still worth a 7,because of the chicken.

Sound:Strange combination,but still okay to listen.It's not very disturbing when you play the game.I appreciate that.It's one of the better things of your game I think and when your game over and then the mario music it's fun xP.

Violence:No comment.

Interactivity:It has some realistic aspects,but it could be lots better.

Humor:It's okay to play once or twice,but after that it becomes boring.It misses the 'attention grabbing' part I think.But further it was nice to play it .



That was pretty exciting game moment.
That is funny game.


But man, you should have made Toast script better, he can! The whole game ran pretty laggy for me and it got hard to control in a while.

And I can't believe I'm not in the credits for giving Toast advice! >=(

Edvin responds:

Heh, thanks for the fiffen gusty, and nah, I think it was scripted quite well. (my brother says he likes the gravity. :D) It's very weird it lags for a lot of people but not for me though I have a really crappy computer.

By the way, what advice are you talking about? :S
- Toast

great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this game is off the hook but add features like jetpacks and more levells or guns 2 shot them things thats a few hint